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Hey, thanks for my visiting my site firstly I want you to smile and relax before getting into this beautiful journey of digital marketing with me let's dive into my story basically, it all started in 2020 when my best friend gave me the advice to start this venture trust me at that point of time I was hell nervous just because of him you are on this site today big thanks to him so here I am introducing myself my name is Radhika Relan an ordinary person just like you in haryana Sonipat I love to create content about my life .now you must be wondering why every success story is dedicated to my dadi because she was the reason behind all of this I lost her due to covid but I always had a dream to make her proud in my language she wanted her laado to be the best helping people all around and is stable at the same point of time so here I am on the direction to serve you or to guide you with this course .




Recently, I have been able to build a profitable digital coaching business because I realized the power of a personal brand. I believe that the current education and employment system is broken, and the only way to fix this is by building a new breed of digital coaches, trainers, experts who are skilled in their domains.

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